Bristol Panama

Bristol Panama is without a doubt the best hotel in Panama City and is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

My experience started after a 2 minutes walk from Hotel Deville and with a warm welcome at the front disk. After a short process I was escorted to my Junior Suite which was very nice and had a huge flatscreen Tv, Molton Brown products in the bathroom and seprate shower from the bath tub. Very similar to a Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons. Actually Bristol Panama could easily by bought by Ritz or Four Seasons, the experience was very similar to it. Chargeable internet and a lot of extra charge everywhere as it always is with these hotels. Four Seasons and Ritz is just much better to train the English level of their staff which I though was a big problem in Bristol. The service was very good, but the English level really needs to be improved. What I hated about my stay was the noise level from other guests. There was a wedding going on and for hours I had noise in my room. I complained many times before something finally happend.

The food was not up to the standards I expected though. The breakfast buffet had a small selection of average food and I left efter 5 minutes. It’s only charged 6 dollars which many would think it’s cheap, but for me it was bad value. The room service was cheap as well, but again not the quality I expected. The facilities could need an upgrade as well, but what makes Bristol a Leading hotel is the service and the rooms.

Overall a very good experience to the portfolio. It’s worth it’s membership of Leading Hotels of the World and very similar to a Ritz-Carlton hotel.

My opinion: Great experience.