Bom Bom Island Resort

Introduction: Set between two beaches of emerald green water and sand bleached golden by the sun and tiny perfect shells, Bom Bom is still a well-kept secret in the tropical forest of the Island of Príncipe. Here the real luxury is the genuine warmth of those welcoming you, the luminous simplicity of its rooms, the exotic scents of its flowers and the morning symphony which nature has prepared to awaken you with. Each step across the 140 metre wooden bridge leading to the small islet that lends its name to the hotel inspires a growing sense of wonderment and the promise to return.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay at the property.

My arrival experience: You are not going to believe this. They pick me up in a very dirty car and ask me to sit in the back of the truck. See photo below. Disgusting. Never tried something like that anywhere in the world. Very disappointing. The check-in took long time but enjoyed a nice coconut water before they escorted me to the room.
What I loved: The location and the beach.
What about the food: Very disappointing experience. They gave me a meat dish despite saying clearly “no meat”. The breakfast buffet itself was limited and disappointing.
What about the service: Very disappointing service as already described. Lacking attention to details in all areas of the hotel. I don’t ask for outstanding service, but the management should be able to at least get the basics right.
What about my room: Fine room with comfortable bed, mosquito net, flat screen Tv, sitting area and a shower. No Wi-Fi in the room.
Number of rooms: 19.
Type of property: Resort.
Location: Principe, Sao Tome & Principe.
Facilities: Spa and pool.
Complimentary internet: Yes, but not working in my room. I was sitting uncomfortably next to the small reception trying to do some work.
Affiliations: XO Private.
My overall impression: Good experience. The location is fantastic, the rooms fine, but the service and attention to details some of the most disappointing I have seen in my travels.

Ever seen this in a “luxury”-resort’s hotel car?




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