Beachcomber Seychelles Sainte Anne

Location: Seychelles.

Notes About My Experience:
  • It’s a private island resort located close to Mahé where you can relax at their lounge before the short boat ride.
  • Beautiful villas. Some with private pool.
  • The design could need an update.
  • They put mint scent in every villa as the only property I have stayed in my travels. I didn’t like it.
  • Service mixed. Some staff, like Constance from guest relations, were great, while others could need more training.
  • The food was better than expected. I was especially surprised with the effort and quality of their dinner buffet.
  • Stunning beaches as you would expect in the Seychelles.
  • Free Wi-Fi with acceptable speed when you keep in mind that you are in the Seychelles.

Duration of Stay/Visit: Two nights.

My Opinion: Good+ experience.

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