Bandos Maldives

Introduction: Lapped by the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, the island of Bandos is blissfully marooned a world away from the hurly-burly of daily life.

The turquoise of the lagoon, lush green vegetation, pearl white beaches, azure blue sky and abundant golden sunshine create a feeling of perfect tranquility. Everyday stresses will melt away as you are transported to a haven of pure calm and serenity.

From the moment you arrive you will receive a warm Maldives welcome and the friendly, attentive service that has earned Bandos the reputation of the ‘Island of Hospitality’.

Above information is how the hotel presents itself on their website.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay at the property.

My Arrival Experience: Friendly welcome from the staff followed by a welcome drink.
What I Loved: The beaches and the fact that you don’t have to pay a fortune to experience a Maldivian island resort.
What About the Food: Better than I expected and surprisingly affordable. In direct comparison with the cheaper Maldivian island resorts I have stayed (Paradise Island, Royal Island, Sun Island, Holiday Island, Thulhagiri and a few others), Bandos do a better job with both the service and food. The resort gets a lot of its produce from Sri Lanka, and this is how they can keep the cost down compared to the most expensive resorts that get high-quality food from around the world via Dubai.
What About the Service: Surprisingly good. Bandos has low rates and in direct comparison with the resorts mentioned before they simply do a better job. The staff are overall friendlier and better trained in my opinion.
What About My Room: Although nothing spectactular, my room at Bandos was comfortable and with an outdoor jacuzzi as the highlight. The bed was hard, but for the price, you can’t complain abotu the room.
Number of Rooms: 215.
Type of Property: Resort.
Location: Maldives.
Facilities: Spa, gym, pool and business/meeting facilities which is making it a great option for business travellers if they improve the internet.
Complimentary Internet: Yes, but very slow and needs an upgrade. Faster internet is available for a fee.
My Overall Impression: Good experience. Bandos is doing a great job in combining a comfortable Maldivian experience with great value for money. Probably the best comfortable option for travellers on a low budget.