Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and offers a very historical experience in this beautiful castle that was transformed into a hotel in 1939.

I arrived in the afternoon and was escorted right to the room. I stayed in a Deluxe Room which had a classical design, but unfortunately also out-dated parts. No flatscreen Tv, very old carpet and I didn’t have a good feel about the room. Another disappointment was the internet. No wireless internet in the rooms, only in public areas and the speed of the cable wasn’t impressive. The entire property was very out-dated including the gym and spa which were the worst I’ve seen in all the hotels I’ve stayed around the world. A major renovation is desperately needed. On the plus side it’s worth to mention that there are no charge for the internet and that the bathroom has been renovated. It has separate shower from the bathtub and nice Ashford branded amenities. The building and surroundings is very beautiful and the fact that it’s a very historical castle. The Quiet Man with John Wayne was filmed here and the castle has a history going back to The 13th Century. The most important thing is always the service and it was overall very good. Majority of the staff is foreigners and that often takes away the charm of a place and the feel of a local experience. I’m happy that Ashford Castle don’t have more than 83 rooms because that already felt too big.

So how good is Ashford Castle? It really depends what you are looking for. It’s definitely an experience. The surroundings and buildings is very beautiful, but everything inside is out-dated. If you can live with that you will have a great time.

My opinion: Good+ experience.