Ametis Villa

Ametis Villa is a small 14-villa resort with membership of both Mr & Mrs Smith and Condé Nast Johansens. Their Tripadvisor reviews are really excellent with an overall score of 5 in guest satiscation and I arrived excited to see how good it could be. There isn’t a lobby as such at Ametis, it’s all about the villas so I was escorted directly to my Pool Villa. It was beautiful with its open kitchen, dining table, livingroom and of course the massive private swimming pool.

The service at Ametis Villa is very good and personalized. Every villa has its own personal butler. Butlers also have to sleep so I had the pleasure of seeing the quality of two different butlers. They were both quite good, but lacking responsibility. The butler was unable to help when the internet went down and felt like he didn’t took me serious. It’s true most people here are on honeymoon and internet might not be as important for them as it is for me, but its important to take every request seriously. I was without internet for an hour before one of the managers fixed the problem. When the internet did work, it was quite slow and surely something to improve.

The food and spa is sadly also areas that can be improved. The therapeist was sick and cough all the time, it was really terrible and they should have told her to stay at home. The food in smaller properties in Bali tend to disappoint often as they can’t afford or won’t invest in a great chef. Ametis is another example of that. The tasmanian salmon is your best bet on the menu, recommended by the owner as the best item. That is my tactic in all places where I have low expectations for the food, always ask for the best dish. Pizzas are best avoided as it was close to being inedible. The last thing I want to point out on the negative point is the mosquitos, there are more here than in any other resort I have stayed in Bali and its really highly recommended to do something about that problem immediately as many others have written the same thing.

The bottom line is that Ametis offers a truly great villa experience and has very friendly staff. I also give them a positive note for offering complimentary transfers, mini-bar and afternoon tea, although it isn’t a real afternoon tea, but more teas with a cake. I see lots of things that can be improved, but there is so much potential here and I am happy to rank it as a great experience as they should be able to fix them.

My opinion: Great experience.