Altstadt Vienna

Conde Nast Traveller Gold List can be a good guide to start researching some of the best hotels in the world. The list has 100s of hotels they believe are the best in the world. Having been to many of the hotels in the list already I can say it’s more trustful than Tripadvisor, but there still is a lot of hotels I do not find good enough for the list. Hotel Altstadt is not one of them. Hotel Altstadt turned out to be a good different hotel experience from the minute I arrived. Before I arrived, I was told by the general manager that this is not a luxury hotel, it’s a 4-star hotel with the focus on design.

For my project, it’s not about staying in as many luxury hotels as possible, but to stay in as many of the best hotels in the world as possible. Facilities is not important if everything else is great and it is in Alstadt. I stayed in Junior Suite number 15 which had a wonderfully unique design with a bath tub next to a comfortable bed as the highlight. The staff is very friend and delivers a good service. They escorted me to the suite, and there was a handwritten welcome letter from the Altstadt team. If you’re tired of the standard business hotels and want a different hotel experience I can highly recommend Altstadt in Vienna.

My opinion: Great experience.