Al Salam Rotana

Al Salam Rotana is the best hotel in Khartoum which isn’t quite a tourist destination and the hotel is primary a business hotel.

My experience started with a pick up in the airport and I was very surprised how easy everything went in the airport. I arrived early morning and was escorted to the room. I wasn’t pleased to see the hotel allows smoking in public areas, but Northen Sudan is arabic so I guess I could have expected it.

The room was very nice with comfortable bed, flatscreen Tv and a nice design. Comparable with a newer Hilton, but as in Hilton hotels, I have to note a big minus for the wifi charge. The food exceeded my expectations, my meals was of great quality and I was very surprised with the level of their lunch buffet. The service was better than I expected, but of course with things to improve. The Sudanese people are very kind and warm and it makes a difference. The facilities included gym, swimming pool and meeting facilities.

Overall a hotel you can count on and surely the best in Khartoum. It’s not a perfect business hotel, but is better than you might think.

My opinion: Good+ experience.