Airport Security is Not Consistent

Israel is a great country to visit, but the airport security is horrible

In the past six years, I have been to hundreds of airports around the world on my journey to every country. I did an experiment for around six months to travel with no bag at all. I did it for many reasons, but one of them was to make the airport security experience less painful. I dislike airport security and what you might find surprising is, depending on where you are in the world the level of checks is inconsistent.

Nowadays I travel with a handbag with a laptop, an iPad Mini, a smartphone, their chargers, toiletries and some clothes. The official rules are you must take laptops, tablets and toiletries of your bag but in most airports they don’t care and check properly.

Based on my experiences this is how security works in the different parts of the world.

Israel: Some would argue they are good at their job, but it is a very unpleasant experience, where my phone couldn’t even stay in its cover. They check you like no other airport in the world. Very unpleasant and based on the airport experience I will probably never visit Israel again.

Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, The UK and Germany: Great airport security. Mostly friendly. Here you must follow the official rules and take laptop, tablets and toiletries of your bag. In some places, you even have to remove your shoes.

Rest of Europe: I can usually just leave my bag, and they don’t say anything.

The Middle East and Africa: I don’t recall ever having a problem just leaving my bag with a laptop, iPad mini and toiletries inside.

What I also find concerning is that in many airports the security guy often doesn’t look on the screen. I don’t think we can be too careful these days, and security at airports around the world should have a consistent level. I am happy to spend a longer time at security in the future around the world. Safety must always come first.

As I found the experience at Tel Aviv Airport highly unpleasant and unnecessary, it surely won’t get my vote for the world’s best airport security.

My vote would go to Copenhagen Airport as they do an excellent job. The staff are kind and top professional, and they check every passenger properly. Even a small tube of any liquid they will notice in your bag or if you forgot to take a tablet from your bag. I hope the responsible people will do more to improve airport security around the world. I am not surprised Egypt has problems as the airport security is bad and far from the standard you would expect from international airports. If you haven’t been, you might be shocked. The security guy might sit and smoke and talk to his colleagues instead of doing his job and looking at the screen.

It’s difficult to have the same standards in every country in the world, but we can’t underestimate the importance of airport security, and I think we have a problem.

I just “tested” if the airport at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is as good as in Denmark. I left my iPad in my bag, and nobody said anything. Why is airport security not consistent?