Air Baltic Card – A Must for All World Travellers

Internet is the single most important thing when it comes to travelling the world. Complimentary internet is available at most hotels and many public places these days, but when I am travelling on public transport, I am often frustrated. Not being able to check my e-mails on days where I have no hotels to stay for the night is a real headache. As I travel from place to place all the time, a local sim card is often too expensive and I have been looking for another option.

Last year, during a meeting with Air Baltic in Riga, I was given an Air Baltic Card and was immediately amazed. Free incoming calls in 140 countries and cheap data in most countries. Just what I needed. It came with a start-up credit, and it’s been a perfect way for me to stay up-to-date on the road. Walking the streets of a remote area of Azerbaijan and being able to check my inbox is fantastic. I also love that there is no contract. No risk of a high bill as there is only a pay as you go-option.

Air Baltic Card is perfect for people like me that don’t need a lot of data but need the possibility to call and e-mail on the road for the cheapest possible price.

You can order the Air Baltic Card to anywhere in the world on their website below: