Adaaran Ocean Villas at Select Hudhuranfushi

Adaaran Ocean Villas is a separate resort within the big Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi resort with 137 rooms including the 37 Ocean Villas. The Ocean Villas are over-water with comfortable bed, bathtub, rainshower and with a luxurious feel.

The service is truly great and personalized at the separate Ocean Villas with it’s own reception. At the main resort it is a different story, it of course much bigger and service a bit slower. Just as you would expect keeping the price difference in mind. Food is always very important in The Maldives as you don’t have a second choice of going out. The buffet-style food here is good based on the price of the beach villas, but for the Ocean Villas there should be a high end ala carte option like at Adaaran’s Water Villas.

A few days after my stay, the Ocean Villas experienced a terrible fire, destroying half of the villas. It is worth to note that the villas might look differently if you decide to book a stay here in the near future.

To sum up, I prefer Adaarans Vadoo property because of better food, but Ocean Villas is a bit cheaper. Both are highly recommended and your choice should depend on your budget.


My opinion: Great+ Experience.