Abildskou: Low-Cost Bus Travel Across Denmark

Low-Cost Buses seems to be the new trend for travellers around the world. Denmark is no exception where a price war has given the Danes and visitors the opportunity to travel cheaply between cities for as low as 50 DKK (approximately USD 7,50). Abildskou is operating between 31 cities and I have had the chance to travel with them a few times between my hometown of Thisted and the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Their buses are comfortable and with free Wi-Fi making my close to 400 km.-journey from Thisted to Copenhagen an easy trip.

Abildskou calls their cheapest ticket a Green Ticket on their website, which you can even find in an English version making it easy for budget travellers to travel around Denmark affordably. www.abildskou.dk/en

You may use their Low Fare Calender to find easily the cheapest tickets and plan a perfect trip to an otherwise expensive country of Denmark.