A Visit to San Andrés with Viva Colombia

Casa Harb

Viva Colombia is a Colombian low-cost carrier with 12 domestic routes and three international. One of the domestic routes are to the Colombian island of San Andrés, a favourite among Colombians, but most travellers, but most travellers don’t know about it.

I came to know about San Andrés as it is part of Travelers’ Century Club list of 324 countries and territories in the world. I was happy to know about Viva Colombia and managed to get a one way ticket organized from Medellín, flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico with a stop in Panama City after spending three nights on the island of San Andrés. It is a beach destination with some
lovely small hotels. I highly recommend Casa Harb as the best place to stay. You can read my article about Casa Harb by clicking here.

I also stayed a night at Playa Tranquilo with excellent Tripadvisor reviews and probably the second best place to stay in San Andrés. The swimming pool area is very nice and the staff very kind. I enjoyed it, but if your budget can handle it, Casa Harb is, of course, a better experience.