A Third Visit to Lemuria

Sunset back in 2009.

Constance Lemuria is a 5-star resort located on Praslin Island in the Seychelles. In 2009, I visited the place for the first time and had a great experience at this beautiful resort with an 18 hole golf course. In 2012, I got a one-night stay approved and really enjoyed the resort. In 2017, I returned to a beautifully renovated resort. It was full, and I didn’t stay, but I did get a chance to try their fine dining restaurant called Diva.

The Seychelles is not a destination to visit for extraordinary food, but there are a few resorts that get it right. North Island has a very talented South African chef, and he made the best meal for me so far before my arrival at Diva. Diva has an experienced Danish chef, and it shows in the quality of the food. My mushroom risotto was of high quality, and so was the scallops I had for the starter. The service is better than at many of the resorts in the Seychelles where it’s often very slow or completely lacking. I finished my evening at Diva with a nice ice cream and a dessert recommended by the chef. Diva is the best restaurant I have experienced in the Seychelles and probably the only one anywhere close to getting a Michelin recommendation if the guide covered this small island nation. Photos of the food and the resort are below.