A Month at Nkanga Lodge

In the past five years, I have stayed at more than 1,000 hotels around the world, for mostly one night. After lots of hotel hopping, I needed to rest for a while and getting up-to-date. As I had a lovely stay at Nkanga Lodge last year, I decided to contact the owners to ask about the possibility of staying a whole month. It worked out and my month at this 17-room lodge went fast as I had a great time at their beautiful property located close to the international airport in Johannesburg.

What I liked most about the property was the staff, and the country feel. The location near Kempton Park is, however, also the downside as it takes time to get to places like Sandton, Rosebank, Pretoria and other places of interest. The lodge is more personal than your average 4-star chain hotel in many ways. You also get to talk to the other guest before and during the dinner, and it is a concept loved by many of the repeat guests. I stayed here for a night last year before flying out of Johannesburg International Airport. After my recent stay, it is fair to say the lodge is a good experience for both short and long term stays.